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Sally Marchini, APD with 10 years experience
Meet Sally


Sally Marchini is an experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian who combines professional qualifications with personal experience of type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease to give her a unique insight into the issues faced by people living with chronic and complex health conditions.


As a Member and Scientific Advisory Board member of the Early Life Nutrition Alliance (formerly Nutrition Plus), Sally is recognised as a leader in Early Life Nutrition. Her sub-niche is helping women with pre-existing medical conditions to minimise that risk, enjoy healthy pregnancies, and to improve the short and longer-term health outcomes of the bubs-to-be.


Marchini Nutrition offers personalised consultations that first discover nutritional needs and priorities based on the client’s medical conditions and personal circumstances. We work towards building client self-confidence for self-management through improving understanding of how nutrition can work for you. We can help you from anywhere - TeleConsults are available upon request.

Why not call us on (02) 4971 0770 for a FREE Discovery Call. Set aside just 15 minutes for YOU and discover how nutrition can help you reach your health goals. This is an opportunity to ask your questions, find out a little about each other and see if we are a good fit, obligation-free!​

Sally Marchini BND

Acredited Practising Dietitian


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  • Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum

  • Coeliac  Disease

  • IBS &  Intolerances

  • IBD - Crohns & UC

  • Diabetes - All Types

  • PCOS

  • Endometriosis

  • Heart conditions

  • Autoimmune Conditions

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I help you with all stages of early life nutrition for specific and complex health conditions.
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Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8.30pm to 6pm

Email: sally@marchininutrition.com

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