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We help and support you to build and implement the dietary knowledge you need to improve your success in becoming and being pregnant and giving your baby the best start in life.

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Belmont NSW & Tele-Health virtual consults 

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Fueling Fertility for Food Intolerance Protocol

If you have coeliac disease, IBS, IBD and food intolerance or are cutting gluten, dairy or other foods, and are interested in optimal health for fertility then book now.

Sally Marchini, APD with 10 years experience

Sally Marchini BND

Acredited Practising Dietitian

Hi. I'm Sally Marchini of Marchini Nutrition. My goal is to help you to build the dietary knowledge you need to improve your confidence in making the best food choices, your energy levels, your immunity and of course, your success in becoming and being pregnant. Chronic and complex health conditions such as autoimmune issues can make this challenging. Many people have fertility-related concerns. These can include IVF, PCOS, Coeliac Disease and Diabetes.

You are not alone. I have personal experience balancing prenatal dietary needs with Diabetes and Coeliac Disease. I can provide unique insights based upon my personal experiences and qualifications. My goal is for you to enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy. We work together to minimise risk with prenatal nutrition. This will also help to improve the short and longer-term health outcomes of your bubs-to-be. 

I provide:

  • A 7-week fertility enhancement program.

    • This program is for those wanting to improve their fertility chances. This may be when trying to conceive or during IVF. Most of my clients see me on a regular basis for rapid results.  We taper off as we progress with consultations to help cement the new skills that you've learnt. Read about a patient of mine that had a successful pregnancy in my Patient Case Study and Discussion. See 'Services' for more details.

  • An obligation-free 15-minute Free Discovery Call.

    • The Free Discovery Call helps me to understand your personal nutritional needs. Based upon your medical conditions and circumstances, we work towards meeting your priorities.  


Take this obligation-free opportunity to chat with an international leader in Early Life Nutrition. I am an Early Life Nutrition Alliance Scientific Advisory Board member. This means I provide you with current and science-backed information. Let’s plan a nutritional management program so you can achieve your goals. Call us on (02) 4971- 0770.
Whilst I'm based in the Newcastle area, I can help you no matter where you live in Australia. Tele-Health virtual consults are available by request.

  • Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum

  • Coeliac  Disease

  • IBS &  Intolerances

  • Diabetes - All Types

  • PCOS

  • Gluten Free / Dairy Free

  • IBD - Crohns & UC

  • Autoimmune Conditions

Contact Sally today for an obligation-free chat about how we can help you improve your wellness.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8.30pm to 6pm


Contact details:

Phone: (02) 4971-0770


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