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Introduction blog for the Be Well Gluten Free closed Facebook group

Wow! What an amazing start we’ve had to this group with more than a hundred new members within half a day!

For me as an Accredited Practising Dietitian who has coeliac disease (and type 1 diabetes) I’m passionate about helping people generally to be well, and since I have a special interest in coeliac disease and the low-FODMAP diet, I thought Be Well Gluten Free would be a great place to share my passion with others who are interested in these areas too. I believe that Wellness needs to encompass more than just diet (my professional interest) and lifestyle but also mental health and so much more, so I will share blogs along these lines too. Please know though that I am only qualified to advise as a dietitian, so everything else is my personal input to what I consider helps people be well. Therefore, everyone should check with their own health professional before making changes to their lifestyle that may impact their health.

I have to start by thanking those who have inspired me to take this step. They include (but are not limited to):

  1. Helen Edwards, founder of Diabetes Counselling Online , a free service provided to all Australians with diabetes and their families/friends. I’m their social media dietitian and have learned so much by associating with Helen Edwards and her Mum, Helen Wilde. Helen is a constant inspiration to me, and it was her recent visit to the ProBlogger conference in Brisbane that kicked me off writing this blog.

  2. Dr Lyndal Parker-Newlyn who is a GP who has type 2 diabetes and coeliac disease and runs a fabulous arrangement of Facebook page, Facebook group and blog called Lean, Green and Healthy . Lyndal and her page/group/blog support people in general to be well, which is just awesome.

  3. ​Zoe Nicholson, an Accredited Practising Dietitian who also blogs about wellness and healthy eating in such a realistic and helpful way. I’ll be sharing posts from Zoe’s Facebook page in our group so that you too can learn from her wonderful outlook on food.

  4. Dr Tim Minchin, who yes, is a comedian among other amazing qualities that he possesses. Yesterday afternoon I was watching one of his YouTube videos where he provided ten pearls of wisdom that so inspired me to do this. I recommend having a listen to the speech he made, and what they said about him too!

So on that note, I’ve set up Be Well Gluten Free because I want to help inspire people who have to or choose to follow a gluten free lifestyle to Be Well. I have so many ideas for blogs along the way, and so much to teach (one of Tim Minchin’s pearls of wisdom was ‘be a teacher’) both from an evidence-based dietetic point of view and from my own personal experiences.

I’m so proud to be an Accredited Practising Dietitian. I’ve worked hard to be here as all dietitians do, with over four years university training to understand from a medical perspective how to help people using Medical Nutrition Therapy. Of course this includes ongoing continual professional development in my special areas of interest which include coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome (particularly the low FODMAP diet), and of course all types of diabetes. Dietitians work very hard to improve people’s wellness. Generally speaking they’re not trying to sell you anything other than evidence-based ideas to help you be your best. I could rave on here, but I think this Dietitians Association of Australia poster provides the clearest message:

My plan is to share my blogs in the Be Well Gluten Free closed group as well as on my Facebook page Living with Diabetes and Coeliac disease . I will also share blogs and posts from other credible sources, and share recipes and a whole lot more. I encourage others to share positive ideas along these lines too. It’s not all about me – I just want to encourage these positive ideas about Being Well Gluten Free.

I ask that we please have no judgements and no negative comments, and advice provided should be checked with your own health professionals before being implemented.

Thanking so much for participating and I hope you are inspired to achieve greater wellness for yourself and your loved ones as part of this journey. Sally

Sally is the owner of her private practice, Marchini Nutrition , has had type 1 diabetes for close to 40 years and coeliac disease for many years too. She is also Social Media Dietitian with Diabetes Counselling Online , and the dietitian on The Moon and You App .

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