Initial Nutrition Assessment

Includes a body composition assessment and analysis, comprehensive dietary assessment, review of your medical conditions and medications, review of blood test results and your individually-tailored program plan. 


  • We have a variety of options that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Review Consultations run for approximately 30 minutes.

Weekend Consultations are available with a Senior Dietitian

Rebates may be available through your GP or Health Fund (see below*)


Coaching Programs
Coaching Programs help to support you through behaviour change and to provide you with accountability to help you achieve your health goals.


Fertility and pregnancy clients are particularly encouraged to participate in a program to help you stay on track through this complex time. For these clients we also offer an online program - please see below for further details.  We would be delighted to tailor a program to suit your needs if necessary.

Speak to your dietitian to negotiate a program that best suits your personal goals.

Being part of the program has made me feel great within myself and really increased my confidence. At times it can be hard but I do look forward to coming in or chatting every week." – Coaching program client 
Seeing a dietitian has helped me a lot. I feel completely different, I have more energy throughout the day and the support along the way has been great.” - Coaching program client 

"Where I may have 'fallen off the wagon' this program kept me focussed and built my confidence about what I could achieve." - Coaching program client

Body Composition Analysis

Want to know how your progress is going? We can find you a 15 minute slot at your convenience to use our InBody Body Composition technology. $55 

Discount Packs 
‘Body Composition’ pack – Want to keep an eye on your body composition levels? Our body comp pack provides 6 body composition analyses on the InBody 270. Includes 2 free analysis. Save $110. $220 


Omega 3 DHA testing

These are encouraged for pregnancy planning and chronic health clients. $50/test

Online Fertility and Pregnancy Programs - $200 discount using code 'SALLY'

Are you pregnant or trying to conceive? A nutritious diet prior to conception and during pregnancy can help to give your baby a head start in life.
Research shows:
- A nutritious diet can boost your fertility and improve your and your baby's health outcomes
- Adequate omega 3 can help to boost your baby’s brain development
- What you eat during pregnancy can help program your baby’s taste buds
Join the group coaching version, or for personalised support, choose the ‘coach’ version and I’ll personally hold your hand each step of the way. For more details, click on the link below and remember to enter your discount code 'SALLY'.
8 step fertility booster
8 simple steps to a healthy pregnancy 

• Rebates may be available through your Private Health Insurance or if you are eligible for a Medicare Team Care Arrangement (organised by your GP). 
• Please note all programs and packs must be pre-paid. Initial nutrition assessment and single session review consultations may be paid for at time of booking or on the day of consultation. 
• Can’t make it to your consultation? Consultations may be conducted by video conferencing or phone at your convenience. 

Cancellation Policy:


Failure to attend an arranged appointment is unfair to other patients and your practitioner’s time, so please provide 48 hours notice if you are unable to make a scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will incur a fee of $50 (plus GST).

We understand that in exceptional circumstances, this may not be possible, and we are always happy to make exceptions at such times.

Social Media Policy:
Our full social media policy is may be reviewed in the following PDF.